About BlockGuard

In the spring of 2018 BlockGuard released the newest range of security devices for ATMs. The product was developed and is now produced, delivered and supported in the United Kingdom. Based on long time experience with security devices and software for other sectors. Earlier the team of security experts developed the DESlock data protection software (now part of ESET) and software protection devices such as USB dongles, PC cards, Parallel port and Express cards, to provide vendors with the most secure and flexible means to protect their software from illegal use and reverse engineering.

Established in 1985 by ex GCHQ personnel, we went on to become the first software security supplier to achieve ISO 9001 accreditation, thus confirming the company’s high standards through all aspects of the design and development process. We are proud to have held this standard ever since. After an merge in 2016 and name change to BlockGuard in 2018 we now fully focus on protecting ATMs. With more than 33 years’ experience in the sector, we remain the only software protection company to design, manufacture and support all its software protection devices on site in the UK. With a focus on excellent customer service, BlockGuard advises and works with clients to deliver the most secure solution. For more specific custom security requirements, we also undertakes bespoke development work to meet a range of unique business needs.


The South Quay Building
189 Marsh Wall - E14 9SH London
United Kingdom
+44 20 3966 0622

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