How does BlockGuard work?

BlockGuard is an innovative way to protect your data. BlockGuard builds on the security offered by BitLocker but adds an enhanced feature set that blocks attacks and guards your machine when it is at its most vulnerable to sophisticated exploits. BlockGuard uses conventional but provenly secure features of the ATM to build a security scenario that is very hard for any outside agent with malicious intentions or bad actors to penetrate. It builds on this by using a secure authentication system that reinforces what is available within BitLocker but provides a significantly enhanced mechanism that would be extremely difficult to replicate during any attempt at intrusion or takeover of a machine.

BlockGuard will also monitor for attempts to attack the machine and it will render any keys used during the authentication process unusable if it detects an attack. Various other methods are used to obfuscate any keys and the workings of the device. Your device will be resistant both to attempts to extract keys, but also to attempts to reverse engineer the security mechanisms. This means that even if the device is stolen, it will not make it easier for an attacker to work out how to attack another machine.

Why BlockGuard?

Secure storage of the master encryption key using multi-factor authentication
Uses BitLockers® own secure mechanism but adds further layers of security
Harnesses the security features of the ATM and operating system to enhance security
Makes use of secure cryptographic tools and principles to protect and maintain your data protection
Works in harmony and will not conflict with any other security features of the device
Short term key presentation
Automatic destruction of keys when device removed from USB or cable tampering is identified.
Automatic destruction of keys if device is unpowered for more than one hour
Automatic destruction of keys if the device enters initialisation mode.
Features and functionality of BlockGuard are protected - Patent Pending.

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